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I'm a Brazilian artist living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany since 20 years.
I have discovered art for myself in the year of 1998 and since that moment I knew that art
would have a very important place in my life, that art would change my life for good,
since then I have been working intensively on it, day after day and I have realized that
I couldn't and would never stop doing what I do. I feel that making art is like dreaming
on purpose and involves a rigorous search for beauty amidst materials that have been
cast aside.
It is a physically engaging organic process, of creating, and an opportunity to
present myself with something paradoxically strange and familiar that does not restrict
contemplation. My work gives me a sense in my life, the reason why I wake up everyday
and made me see life with different eyes in the environment we live in today, it gave me
a totally new perspective in my life. Day after day I realize that I have a Mission and my
Mission in life is to do my work and share my vision to the people in the World. And I
know without doubt that it needs to be made. My work allows me to view my
environment where we struggle for power, greed, love, respect, religion and freedom.
They resonate,
spiritually with current struggles of freedom and corporate slavery, the “Lords Of War”
series reflexes the real world we live in, our society and our daily struggles for surviving,
we are Lords of War fighting in this everyday battle called life.
It is my hope that the work has a similar effect on those who view it perhaps also
altering the way they see their world. Art means to me, poesy, art is love, art is freedom,
a small impression of a short moment of inner escape in another world, which might
be a small window for seeing and trying to understand in which environment we live in,
art is life and I could not imagine a world with art. A life without art, would be like a life
without dreams. Each work is deliberately left open-ended and unexplained allowing
viewers (as well as myself) to read it through the richness of their own experiences.

Cristina de Santana



"Lords of War" is a contemporary spectacle of baroque, becoming meat and organic forms of great imagination. This form language found me, touched and inspired me here to write for this moving art photography by the Brazilian artist Cristina de Santana. It is her work that fully convinced on the own, not the Vita of the artist nor any adulation could belittle my image of her great art implementation in photography!
This large-format photo art abounds formally against violence and force. It testifies the fight and have orgasm pleasure as antique feasts of wine god Dionysus. Raw and organic, mannerist driven, contorted in pain and always very dynamically characters wrap in its own cosmos. Each loop twisted fantasy figures like intestines, exaggerated in the turns, the twists of a Laocoon and leads to organic masses slaughter in combat modern suffering giants. You see, this is the material for pain, suffering, struggle, desire and heroism demigods worlds of our time. "Lords of War" is a gripping title with many visualized themes from antiquity and the baroque to the contemporary fantasy-movie with all the special effects in today 2016th.
Current pulls the society with the photos in the battle in the struggle for survival in the jungle of daily difficulties. Heavenly Spheres, nudity, flowing garments and the darkness of hell be visualized at the same time in these photos. There are certainly many approaches to Baroque ceiling paintings in secular buildings, in the Baroque painting of Peter Paul Rubens and works of Eugéne Delacoix in the beginning of the 19th century in France. I consider it from today's perspective, working with photographs superimposed structures from woolen spun yarns for photography is newly discovered and applied by Cristina de Santana in the cycle "Lords of War" once baroquism. For this strong expression of art there has been only in the traditional historical and battle baroque painting in such moving quality!
Chapeau, Cristina de Santana, in "Lords of War" photography is ennobled with rough painting elements. The art-historically considered judgment includes a full purchase recommendation. 


Tim Zenke M.A., art critic






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