Installation view
Installation view

Up Coming Shows 2016

30. April 20. Mai 2016

Seminarhauses-am-Steinkreis Förderverein Germanische Thingstätte Zum Rödebusch 13,31868 Lichtenhagen

The International Art Project 2016 Le Château des Terrasses, Cap d’Ail 14-17 April 2016 and 21-24 April 2016




Installation view
Installation view
Up coming solo Show







After leaving home at the age of sixteen, I struggled with compounded survival issues including not only where to physically go, but also whom to trust and just exactly how to embark on this life I’d chosen? I was on a path to freedom with neither compass nor map.
Art provided me with direction, purpose and a means of expression that continues to fulfill and guide me to this day allowing me to work on several bodies of work simultaneously examining my life experiences, my immediate and global environment as well as topical issues addressing our society as a whole.
LORDS OF WAR addresses all kind of violence, especially directed against women, man, children, derived from my own past as a victim of juvenile abuse in its different subtle and obvious forms, and its prevalence in world culture eroding human relationships since the beginning of time.
LORDS OF WAR is about domestic, sexual, political and religious violence against human kind
My goal is to promote healthy relationships and mutual respect between men and women worldwide. Domestic violence remains an important risk factor that threatens the physical, psychological and emotional well-being and health of the human kind with far reaching implications and consequences worldwide.
Cristina Santana




Self Portraits

Self Portrait, untitled
In The Box, self portrait
Self Portrait, Gerreira series Pain


Crismarlen's Portrait in Nature
Crismarlen With Flower Hat
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